Sunday, September 9, 2007

Number 23

Well, I am finally here at number 23. I have really enjoyed completing and comprehending the Library 2.0 23 things. Items I think I will continue to use include LibraryThing and of course YouTube. The LibraryThing website has become my new obsession. I have already made a long list of books to read using recommendations from my previous read material.

Going through this process, I now recognize several features of the websites I visit daily that I did not know were there a couple of months prior. In fact, I was looking at a Scrapbooking page the other day and saw the logo for I go on this site weekly and never recognized it before I encountered Library 2.0. There is so much more to the Internet then I realized before this program. I will continue to investigate certain items like podcast and Flickr to become better aware of their benefits.

I agree with my fellow employees who completed the 23 things, that it is impossible to complete at work, especially if you are part time and work in circulation. Since we have less off the desk time, work at home was a must. However, I enjoyed the weekly encouragement emails and seeing who complete before me, so I could ask them for advice.

If offered again, I would definitely sign up! At first, I was unsure if I could complete all the task but after completing, I can't wait to learn more.

My final observation:
  • Library 2.0 made you think about the future of the library and how important technology is in today's world, if you didn't realize that already.
  • Lifetime learning is all around us, you need to only stop and take the time to embrace and learn!


HCPL WebMaster said...

Congratulations on completing Learning 2.0! You did a great job on your blog and I really appreciated your comments. I hope you will continue to make discoveries as you travel the Web.

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