Friday, September 7, 2007


There are so many podcast out there, at first it is a little overwhelming. I searched for book talks and reviews and found a few relevant podcast, however you must weed out the ones without any real information. After narrowing down to the more specific topic of reviews for Water for Elephants, I was able to find several episodes with the author Sara Gruen. I think this will be something I will look into for future books I have read or am thinking about reading. I really never have listen to many podcast in the past, but I believe the convenient of being about to save certain episodes is wonderful. I now will pay more attention when something I am listening to on the radio has a podcast.
When checking out the MERLIN links for podcast, I particularly liked the Westerville Library podcast, especially the Spanish storytime. What a great option and way for Spanish speaking families to be introduced to the library in a community or for practicing Spanish listening skills. On an administrative level, podcast are a great way to have more people trained within a system by posting the podcast for employees to review on their own time or at their own pace.

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